Tree of Life Gift Set

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"Tree of Life" Gift set! 5 selected pieces from the shop and carefully wrapped up as a gift set.

1) Amethyst crystal Tree of Life. A miniature display tree made with a sparkline Uruguay amethyst geode and a handmade resin tree with crushed amethyst crystal branches. Tree stands approximately 3 1/2" tall, 3" wide, and 3" deep. Originally priced at $60.00

2) Set of 3 stretch bracelets, handmade by us. Freshwater green pearls, freshwater blue pearls, and swarovski crystals. Blue pearl bracelet is approximately 3/8" wide. Green pearl bracelet is approximately 1/4" wide. Swarovski crystal bracelet is approximately 1/2-3/4" wide, with dangles. Originally priced at $30.00

3) AA grade Rose Quartz crystal palm stone. restores trust and harmony in relationships, encouraging unconditional love. Rose Quartz purifies and opens the heart at all levels to promote love, self-love, friendship, deep inner healing and feelings of peace. Stone is approximately 2" long, 1 1/8" wide, and 3/4" deep. Originally priced at $20.00

4) Titanium aura agate geode necklace. A rainbow of colors is visible on this beautiful sparkling galaxy of tiny crystals. Includes complimentary assorted silver filled chain. Pendant is approximately  1 1/4" tall top-to-bottom, 3/4" wide, and 3/8" deep. Oroginally priced at $25.00

5) Swarovski stones and tiny silver "pearls" are set into sterling silver to form a beautiful pink mosaic pattern. Approximately 1 1/4" long and 5/8" wide. Originally priced at $50.00

TOTAL RETAIL value $195.00, ON SALE for $100!!!